How can Exif Tags harm your online privacy?

Whether it is your social networking account or your blog, everyone loves to publish personal photographs or recoded video files over the internet. However, many of you are still unaware about one of the major aspects related to such uploads. Do you know that images, videos, or audio files may contain some kind of hidden information? Yes, details about the image, the capturing device, the owner of the device, the location etc can be embedded into the file itself. Well, this is done through what is called ‘metadata tags’ and the london drainage (or the ‘Exchangeable Image File Format’) tag is one such example.
Exif Tag was released in the year of 1995 by the popular ‘Japan Electronic Industries Development Association’. It is one of the universally accepted standards for specifying file formats for various images, audios and videos, which are used by the several image or video handling devices like digital cameras, scanners and by image editing software applications, available nowadays. Thus, it has become quite essential for one to first remove any such metadata tags prior to uploading image file over the internet.
Apart from being a threat to your online privacy, Exif Tag can also be responsible for eating up loads of space, thereby making the uploading or downloading processes, quite a time consuming task. Well, if you want to get rid of such issues, you can opt for a reliable Exif Tag removing system. A wide range of such tag removers is available in the market. However, you must first ensure which file formats, the tag remover can eliminate. Other important aspects, which you must be looking for, include whether the tag remover is efficient enough to maintain the actual quality of the image, or if it can help you to save disk space with optimal size reduction.





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